This Is What Happens When Dudes Try On Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress shopping is a pastime typically experienced by brides-to-be. But why shouldn’t guys be able to get in on some of the action, too?

In a BuzzFeed video posted to YouTube on Saturday, four funny dudes try on wedding gowns for the first time and document the entertaining experience.

“I feel like a princess. A hairy, Jewish princess,” one of the guys says.

“I feel like Big Bird but hot,” says another.

Many commenters on YouTube and Facebook remarked on how good the men looked in some of the bridal styles, and we have to agree.

Here’s Eugene in a couture gown with a feathered skirt.

Zach in a tulle ball gown.

Ned in a simple lace dress.

And lastly, Keith in a mermaid-cut style.

Watch the full video to see how these goofballs felt about their dress-fitting experience.

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