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Top13 Best Honeymoon Destinations With Beautiful Bedrooms

Jamtara Wilderness Camp, India

Top 1. Fanjove Island, Tanzania “After a five-hour flight to Tanzania and a wonderfully exhilarating (yet slightly hair-raising) private plane to Songo Songo, we found ourselves in a speedboat, cutting through the turquoise waters. A deserted island gradually emerged into view – our next honeymoon home. Apart from the very discreet staff, we were the […]

Ultimate African Honeymoon: Seychelles & South Africa

African Honeymoon

Think about more people maybe don’t choose africa honeymoon, but I will. Every trips give a different feeling to me. I like to experience different culture. Now,let me bring you into africa. The Ultimate African Honeymoon offers adventure, romance and discovery in some of nature’s most breathtaking locations. Enjoy sunset strolls along deserted white beaches […]

Widower Says He’s ‘Learning To Smile Again’ After His Wife Died In His Arms On Their Honeymoon

John McFadden was on his dream honeymoon in Cozumel, Mexico when the worst possible tragedy struck: His new bride died right before his eyes. It’s been three months since John’s wife Lindsey McFadden passed, but it seems “like yesterday” to him. Since her death, John has maintained a blog dedicated to Lindsey’s memory, and he […]