Posh Pinks Wedding Flower Inspiration

Hi Everyone!

Violet here, I thought I’d do a little post that was inspired by one of my favorite perfumes, Flower Bomb (from Viktor & Rolf). Although I’m not personally a “pink lady”, I find a mix of textures that varies from extra-hardy (thistles, protea, billy balls) to velvety (celosia, stock, veronica,) and the delicate (ranunculus, anemones, feverfew) and pops of greenery to be *totally* impossible to resist…and the “wild card” of the not too girly 6 seasonal flower bunches that comes in the Wildflower pack with the mixed greenery and bupleurum adds the hardy green accent.


The Flowers:


Posh Pink Gerrondo Daisy80 stems for $129.99



Delicate Garden DIY Flower ComboMedium Package for $199.99



Wildflower Wedding DIY Combo BoxMedium Pack for $259.99



Pink Ice Protea20 stems for $119.99


Classic Romance Greens Centerpiece15 Centerpieces for $194.99


Total Cost: $904.95

But if you schedule a consult with Violet or register for our Share your Flair contest, you can get a discount!


The Arrangements:

Bridal Bouquet:

  • 3 protea
  • 13 stems of pink gerrondo
  • 2 bunches of the wildflower pack (I’d use 1/3 a bunch of…everything!)
  • 2 bunches of greenery


4 Bridesmaids Bouquets:

  • 1 protea
  • 5 stems of pink gerrondo
  • 1 bunch of the wildflower pack
  • 1 1/4 bunches of greenery


10 Boutonnieres:

  • a bit of the wildflower mix
  • sprig of greenery


2 Corsages:

  • 1 or 2 flowers from the delicate garden pack
  • sprig of greenery


10 centerpieces:

  • 1 protea
  • 3 stems of pink gerrondo
  • 1 bunch of the wildflower pack
  • 1 bunch of greenery


1 Big Welcome Arrangement:

  • 3 protea
  • 17 stems of pink gerrondo
  • 3 bunches of the wildflower pack
  • 23 stems of the delicate garden pack
  • 3 bunches of greenery


The Inspiration:



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Updated: July 11, 2018 — 2:39 am