Pastel Perfection Bouquet Breakdown

Identifying flowers in a bouquet can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with flower types. Lucky for you, we love breaking down bouquets! If you have a favorite photo that’s waiting to be broken down, share it with us!

This lovely bridal bouquet was found on Pinterest and I am sure it has come across your feed a time or two. Whether you’re having a spring or summer wedding, this hand-tied bouquet is absolutely perfect! The color palette consists of soft pastel colors like peach, blush, lavender and sage green. I must admit, I would never have paired peach with lavender and I am impressed with how beautiful it looks together!  What I love most about this bouquet is the Veronica since I love the texture and whimsical feel it adds to floral arrangements. There are other gorgeous blooms in this bouquet that are just as beautiful and we’ve named them below!

To recreate a similar look, here’s what you would need: David Austin Rose Peach Juliet Ausgameson, some whimsical Periwinkle Lavender Veronica, White Lisianthus, a few stems of Peaches and Cream Designer Hypericum, some on-trend Crassula Jade Designer Succulent, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, and White Ecuadorian Roses.

Like this bouquet? Check out all of our Bouquet Breakdowns on the blog and our Pinterest board! If you’ve found an arrangement that you need broken down to try and recreate yourself, just leave a comment with a link to the image and we will do our best to offer some suggestions!

Updated: July 11, 2018 — 2:37 am