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All You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Alterations

wedding dress alterations

Well! Even if you’ve found your wedding dress and signed on the dotted line to officially make it yours, you still aren’t ready to head down the aisle quite yet. Most gowns need some sort of alteration, and the scope of work can vary greatly, depending on where you purchase your gown and how many […]

How Much You Should Spend on a Wedding Gift as a Guest

wedding cake

It does really depends on a few things that how much you spend on a wedding gift as a guest. First and foremost, your own personal budget. Between travel, accommodations, attire, and multiple gifts throughout the planning of the wedding (think engagement, bridal shower, etc), the fact that you then have to purchase a pricey […]

Wedding Reception Dresses For The Indian Christian Bride

A Touch Of Lace

Well! As you see that not all Indian Christian brides prefer wearing Indian traditional ethnic reception wear at their weddings instead of some Anglo Indian girls want to go all out with a western fanfare for their reception too. Now, let’s have a look at the gorgeous collection of wedding reception dresses below: A Touch […]

Everything You Need to Know In Engagement Party

engagement party

Well! Here’s the cardinal rule of engagement party, an engagement party isn’t, in any sense of the word, necessary. But like many things in life that aren’t necessary but do serve a greater purpose, an engagement party can be a ton of fun—whether or not you even like parties in the first place. If you’re […]