5 Key Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

While traditional proposal season usually aligns with the holiday season, between Thanksgiving and V-day, according to the Wedding Report — over 20 percent of couples will get engaged over the summer months (June, July and August).

We get it, between the sunshine and warm-weather vibes, snuggle-worthy 4th of July fireworks, amorous (not to mention, picturesque) trips to the tropics and August’s National Romance Month, love is definitely in the air.

To celebrate all of the newbie brides and grooms ready to take the plunge, we’ve rounded up some tips to help couples spread the news of their engagement and learn to love this exciting new chapter of their life!

Get creative with your “we’re engaged” call out.
Yes, you can simply post a photo of your new ring finger bling on your social media accounts, but consider sharing the news in a fun way that plays to your personalities (snap a post-engagement selfie of both of you and use a popular hashtag like #SoLoverly, #HeSaidYes or #SheSaidYes).

Let go of “perfect.”
Once you start planning out your big day, let go of self-imposed expectations (the mentality that everything needs to be “just so”) and realize that your wedding will be wonderful no matter what. Spare yourself stress by focusing your attention on certain key details that matter the most to you.

Be a well-organized planner.
Take advantage of programs and apps that can make it easy to stay organized and share info with others. Mobile apps like Trello and Evernote are helpful for scheduling (and remembering) appointments and keeping track of to-do lists with your wedding planning crew.

Start building your wedding website.
Your wedding website is fabulous way to centralize info on your wedding day and share photos. Remember to pick a mobile-friendly site since so many people browse the web from their phones and want access on the go.

Get your e-sesh on.
Engagement shoots can give your family and friends a peek into your relationship — the special things that make you tick. If you really want to go over-the-top, maybe consider skydiving or one of your other, more thrilling hobbies.

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