4 Hoop Bouquet Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids

From service arches to centerpieces, there is 1 element of wedding style that is proven it is in it for the long haul: flowers. Regardless of the style, season, or shade, blooms are almost always prepared to show up and do their part when it comes to creating a statement.
A hoop bouquet is created when a circular wood or metal base is adorned with flowers and greenery. It is a unique alternative to a traditional wedding bouquet.
The latest trend from wedding-day florals is a non-traditional spin on the wedding bouquet known as a hoop bouquet. Versatile, lightweight, and easy to hold, hoops made from metal or wood are loaded with stems of greenery and florals for a unique alternative to this tried-and-true bouquet for bride and brides alike.
Using real–or even artificial –flowers, florists are designing exquisite, one-of-a-kind pieces which make for the best accessory. Contemplating a beachside soirée? A palm frond-focused hoop can accompany your’maids down the aisle, and then be repurposed as a member of a reception floral setup. Tip: Get together with your bridesmaids and assemble your jigsaw separately during a bridal brunch the day prior to the wedding.
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For hoop bouquet inspiration for every wedding style and venue, take a look at our editor-selected favorites below.
hoop bouquet

A striking, monochromatic, hoop bouquet, such as this one by Of The Flowers, puts a new, subtle twist on color blocking. Avant-garde and out-of-the box, the design pushes the limitations on the style that’s daring and original.

The hoops from this beautiful Berkshires wedding are teeming with pink and white florals, making them feel lush and romantic. For a modern spin, the brass of the hoops makes the layout clean and crisp, yet luxuriant.
hoop bouquet

No matter the size of the hoop, utilizing a mixture of small and large blooms provides a layer of intrigue to a bouquet. With leaves and greenery as filler, larger statement blossoms, such as the peonies and ranunculus in this particular fragrance, will pop up and stick out among the rest!

Perfect for a contemporary fête, these triangular bouquets change the game in regards to sudden florals. The combination of this leather cording with new florals create a bold statement and therefore are an inventive means to bring an excess bit of geometric flair to this big day.

Updated: November 7, 2020 — 3:43 am