Wedding Bridesmaid Makeup Step Resolve to Create Elegant Bridesmaid Makeup Hydra

Bridesmaids how to makeup? Since it is a bridesmaid that is certainly supporting the wedding, so do makeup, we recommend a moist elegant bridesmaids makeup on it, to make them look fresh and some very Well losing etiquette. So follow me look at wedding bridesmaid makeup steps to resolve it.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup step to resolve a step
makeup step
First clean the face, you’d make a good skin moisture, then create a fresh and natural-looking finish.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup resolve Step Two
makeup step
After looking finish to create, first with makeup before the milk applied around the eyes, the eyes and gently press with your fingers, using pulp temperatures make makeup before the milk absorption.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup Step Three parsing
makeup step
First with light brown eye shadow applicator orbital position, smear eyelid eyelid folds about twice as wide as the width.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup parsing Step Four
makeup step
Eye shadow stick were slightly better eye shadow painted after blooming, so that color of eye shadow over the more natural, and the natural skin color fusion.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup parsing Step Five
makeup step
Next is the lash line with eyeliner or eyeliner close to the lash roots lays out a thin liner can be.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup parsing Step Six
makeup step
In front of the painting with a good eyeliner smudged slightly, which would allow the liner does not seem too abrupt, too, and eye shadow more natural convergence, make makeup look more natural.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup Seven steps to resolve
makeup step
A silver eye shadow points lower eyelid with a cotton swab slightly smudged to create a feeling of lying silkworm eye, make the eyes look more bright eyes of God.

Wedding bridesmaid makeup Eight steps to resolve
makeup step
High moisturizing lip gloss coated lips, make lips kept moist feel, use a little a little bit of pink lip gloss can be. This elegant bridesmaid natural makeup to create a good, normal life makeup also can be painted.

See the final effect of it, it is not very fresh and clean, but there is a makeup elegant feeling? Still hesitant about, and quickly pick up this wedding bridesmaid makeup steps go, but to be a beautiful and elegant bridesmaids, but this look You can also draw in peacetime.

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