Top Honeymoon Destination For Couple

With so many amazing locales to choose from, selecting a honeymoon destination can be a bit overwhelming. So we asked travel pros to share their picks for the top honeymoon locations for 2016, and some under-the-radar ideas!
Connie Riker of Create The Moment Travel in New York, New York

Hot for 2016: Hawaii
“I believe that couples in 2016 will want to stay a bit closer to home. The Hawaiian islands offer a warm tropical environment with options to be quite secluded and romantic or in the middle of the action and romantic.”

Under the Radar Destination: Thailand
“Thailand is an amazing destination for a honeymoon because you can have a luxury experience for a very moderate cost and experience the culture, history and kindness of the Thai people.”

Irina Vishnevskaya of allé travel in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hot for 2016: Thailand
“I think there are many reasons for this—the country’s ability to accommodate tourists of all budgets is definitely impressive (everything from cheap hostels to six-star hotels), and the selection of activities, sights and unbelievable beaches is vast. The food is also unbelievably delicious and the locals are kind and friendly.”

Under-the-Radar Destination: Croatia
“Croatia is a great up and coming European destination. I recommend renting a car and driving down the coastline; it’s a little rough around the edges but that’s what makes it special.”

Kimberly Jacoby of Romantics Travel in Fresno, California

Hot for 2016: Riviera Maya, Mexico
“The Riviera Maya has a wide range of affordable all-inclusive luxury options for romance, adventure, and relaxation seekers. With gorgeous turquoise blue water, white sand beaches, eco-adventure parks, and some of the best spas in the world, the sheer value and variety of this area is not to be missed!”

Under-the-Radar Destination: The Cook Islands
“Virtually unspoiled by tourism, this best kept secret boasts bone white beaches, with the clearest water and some of the world’s largest coral lagoons. This idyllic setting is perfect for water sports enthusiasts and couples seeking relaxation and romance. There are no mega-resorts here, no tipping, and no buildings taller than a coconut tree.”

Lauren Doyle of The Travel Mechanic in Aiken, South Carolina

Hot for 2016: South America
“South America has so much culture, great wineries and applies to honeymooners who want adventure! Top countries would be Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.”

Under-the-radar destination: Tortola, Scrub Islands, and Peter Island
“There are some very unique boutique hotels opening up which provides an experience you can’t find anywhere else. The views there are amazing and the sunsets are romantic.”

Erin Stambaugh of Travel by Erin in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hot for 2016: Italy
“Italy has so much to offer, romance, great food, wine, culture and history. The US dollar is going much further in Europe this past year making it more affordable for people to travel there now. With airfare low, the US dollar strong and all that it has to offer, I think Italy will be a hot honeymoon destination for 2016.”

Under-the-Radar Destination: Grenada
“ I think Grenada is a small, unique, lush and beautiful Caribbean island that most people don’t even know about it. It is pretty far south so it is a great option for those that are seeking warm weather in the fall and winter. The island is stunning, the people are friendly and the diving is fantastic. Grenada is a wonderful place to honeymoon in 2016!”

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