Tips on How To Make A Brilliant Father Of The Bride Speech

Whether it’s your first father of the bride speech and you’re feeling nervous, or you’ve got a band of daughters to rival Pride and Prejudice and are something of an old hand, a little bit of advice can go a long way. Picture the scene: it’s your daughter’s big day. The vows have been taken, food devoured and now it’s your moment to make your father of the bride speech and share your thoughts with friends, family and guests. Customarily if there isn’t a masters of ceremonies, the FOB – that’s you – will be introduced by the best man. The father of the bride is typically the first to present his speech. By tradition, you’ll start by welcoming guests and thanking them for being a part of the day. After that, it’s over to you and those hard-spent late night speech writing hours.

Everyone wants their father of the bride speech to be memorable (read: go down in history as legendary). Here are our tips on how to get it spot-on:


the bride and her father1. Share childhood stories

Stories from the past alway go down a treat in a father of the bride speech – after all, you’re one of only two people who have known her for her whole life. Funny moments of tantrums past and snippets of her character forming at a young age make a great ice breaker – and guarantee smiles all round. Move on to talk about her teenage years, her achievements and things that you are proud of now that your little girl is a fully-fledged (and now married) woman.


2. Talk about your son-in-law

The second essential of a father of the bride speech is to talk about your new son-in-law. Perhaps mention what happened when he met the family (a great opportunity for a funny story to delight your guests and make him squirm) or an experience you both shared that made you realise that he was the one for her.

3. Share stories about love from your own experience

Take a stance as one of the more experienced men in the room, and add your own words of wisdom about relationships, love and marriage.

4. Add in funny moments…

Funny anecdotes, especially at the beginning of your speech, will warm up your audience. Crucially, a few laughs is a great confidence boost if you’re feeling nervous.

5. …But don’t forget some serious ones too

When it comes to the jokes, it’s all things in moderation. Don’t push too hard for endless gags: your audience – an of course your daughter – will really appreciate the heart-felt moments.

6. Finish with a toast

Follow tradition and round up your speech by asking everyone to stand and toast the bride and groom. Then smile, breath, and clap – you’ve done it!

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