These Lively Wedding Dance Floor Moments Will Make You Want To Bust A Move

By Maura Kutner Walters for New York Weddings

Some of the best wedding memories are made on the dance floor. It doesn’t matter how good (or not-so-good) your moves are — no one looks silly up there so long as they’re having fun.

  • A Guy + A Girl

    “We chose the Dean Martin classic ‘Just in Time’ as our first dance. It had the elegant feel we were looking for, and allowed us to channel our inner Gene Kellys. It’s also a nod to Jason’s engagement gift: a vintage Rolex engraved with the lyric ‘I found you just in time.’”

    Nicholas & Jason Zammit-Ritchie, publicist, theatrical marketer. Married September 21, 2013, at Trumpets at the Gate in Eastport, N.Y.

  • Bia Sampaio

    “While I was changing into my feathered dress for our reception, I heard the crowd roar. I ran out of my dressing room to find my husband being lifted into the air by his groomsmen. Not one to miss out on the limelight, I ran onstage, kicked of my Louboutins, and dove head first into the crowd.”

    Cassie Russo-Sweeney & Sean Sweeney, choreographer, youth-soccer coaching director. Married June 28, 2014, at Gotham Hall.

  • Christopher Duggan

    “I’m the world’s most hideous dancer—John says I look like I’m having a seizure when I dance. He was trying to keep my moves under control by dipping me. All I remember is lifting my leg and grabbing on to him for dear life.”

    Suzanne & John Sierp, social worker, firefighter. Married September 29, 2012, at Harborside Creative Catering in Jersey City, N.J.

  • Kimberly Coccagnia

    “My grandparents, Marilyn and Richard, celebrated their 63rd anniversary a couple of weeks before our wedding—and it was also Marilyn’s birthday that day. The two of them helped turn the evening into a nonstop dance party. They proved they could move to just about anything—even Outkast and Rihanna.”

    Jessica Casper Hunt & Andrew Hunt, creative director, architect. Married September 15, 2012, at the Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison, N.Y.

  • Stylish & Hip Weddings

    “It’s typical in Nigerian Yoruba culture for families to coordinate colors and fabrics on celebratory occasions. I don’t remember exactly what song was playing here, but if it had my aunts dancing like this, it’s a pretty safe bet it was Michael Jackson.”

    Moyo Mobolade & Andrew Yakovlev, business analyst, management consultant. Married June 7, 2013, at the Highlands Country Club in Garrison, N.Y.

  • Tatiana Breslow

    “Someone tossed the hat on my head, and I just went with it! I was later informed that I had it on backwards.”

    Amir & Miriam Yael Cohen, surgeon, attorney. Married January 27, 2013, at Three Sixty.

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