These Butterfly-Inspired Bouquets Couldn’t Be More Beautiful

By Matthew Robbins for Sweet Paul

Inspiration for your wedding flowers can come from anywhere. I got inspired by some beautiful butterflies and created these amazing bouquets.

The blue and black butterfly was one of my favorites to work with as a source of inspiration for this story. The simple, bold color combo is so vibrant and powerful. I adore the intense blue of the miniature hydrangea paired with the privet berries and thistle. They all have this luminous quality that I also found in the butterfly. I wanted this bouquet to feel very effortless and not too perfect. The color is so powerful, it really defines the spirit of the arrangement.

This magical bouquet was truly informed by the subtle and ethereal tones in the butterfly I chose for inspiration. The palette felt very bohemian and slightly vintage, so I focused on the pale blush and parchment tones, combined with unique and natural textures, like in the scabiosa pods. The raw silk ribbon perfectly finishes this dreamy combination.

The butterflies I chose as inspiration for this bouquet felt very lush and infused with the spirit of a summer garden. I normally would not mix bold yellow and red tones in a bouquet, but the butterfly demonstrates how perfect these tones are when combined in nature. The middle tones, such as the copper in the protea leaves and the chocolate brown in the orchid, help to connect all of the bold tones. This bouquet felt as if it was freshly picked from a fabulous and exotic late-summer garden.

I remembered a glimpse of yellow butterflies in the country as I created this bouquet. The group of butterflies I witnessed created a gorgeous and fluttering cascade of color as they zipped around the garden and landed briefly on different plants. This movement inspired the gentle cascading shape of the monochromatic bouquet I created with tulips, ranunculus, and mini callas. The small citrus fruits add the perfect touch of whimsy and a fresh fragrance.

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