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All You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Alterations

wedding dress alterations

Well! Even if you’ve found your wedding dress and signed on the dotted line to officially make it yours, you still aren’t ready to head down the aisle quite yet. Most gowns need some sort of alteration, and the scope of work can vary greatly, depending on where you purchase your gown and how many […]

Everything You Need to Know In Engagement Party

engagement party

Well! Here’s the cardinal rule of engagement party, an engagement party isn’t, in any sense of the word, necessary. But like many things in life that aren’t necessary but do serve a greater purpose, an engagement party can be a ton of fun—whether or not you even like parties in the first place. If you’re […]

6 Unique Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

6 unique tips for writting your wedding vows

While some parts of your wedding planning can be delegated to your coordinator or family members, writing your wedding vows is easily the most personal part of preparing for your day. Expressing your intimate emotions toward your partner, likely in front of a crowd of loved ones, can feel like a daunting task. Whether you’re struggling to come […]

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