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You’ve bought the dream dress and are ready to marry the love of your life, so it only makes sense that you want to look your beautiful best. How you do this, on the other hand, is another question. With so many products, makeup myths, DIY and professional options and styles available, how do you know what bridal makeup will look best on you?

With so many products, DIY and professional options and styles available, how do you know what bridal makeup will look best on you? These tips will help



“Have your makeup trial fairly close to your wedding so the light is similar to how it will be on your wedding day – you’ll get a good idea of how it will look on your skin. Also discuss with your makeup artist which colours will complement your skin tone and – most of all – make sure you still look like you on the day. You don’t want to be wearing heavy makeup on your special day if normally you wear minimal makeup as it may look too much on you.”


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“Do what you feel is right for you. I wanted to be natural for the day but I love a vibrant lipstick so I took some makeup to jazz myself up for the evening party.”

If you want a natural style too, don’t miss these three top tips for naturally glowing bridal beauty.

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“My hair and makeup was organised through our wedding planners” – a fantastic option if you’re getting married abroad. Your planners will have contacts with quality local suppliers, taking away the stress of trying to choose yourself when distance means a trial may not be an option.

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“I would really recommend wearing false eyelashes on the day, as they really make your eyes stand out in photographs and make you feel special on the day. These don’t need to be the semi-permanent eyelash extensions you hear about (I initially had my heart set on these but found out I was allergic to the glue!). Companies such as Eyelure do a fantastic and affordable range, including a set of individual ones, which I ended up using, and I would recommend to other brides to research different types of false eyelashes to find what works for them.

I would also say don’t be afraid to ask the makeup artist to use your own products (rather than theirs) on you – I felt so much more comfortable for doing so.”

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“My makeup tip is actually not about make up but about the skin itself. Brides-to-be should take care of their skin long before the wedding because a great skin radiates natural beauty. Always hydrate yourself with two to three litres of water a day and do not ever go to bed with makeup on.”

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“I couldn’t have done without my MAC prime focus prep and prime transparent finishing powder. It was great for holding my makeup in place and also I used it throughout the day to keep the shine off and keep my makeup looking fresh.”

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“If you are going to do your own makeup, make sure you treat yourself to some brand new makeup, something different to what you usually wear so it feels special. I bought a new shade of lipstick for the occasion and now whenever I wear it I think of my wedding day.”

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“Donna, my makeup artist, asked me to share my Pinterest board with her so she could get an idea of what I wanted which I think really helped me communicate my ideas. I would also say wear a bit more makeup than you usually do as you would be surprised how different it looks in photos. I also worked within my natural makeup style – I often wear winged black eyeliner, and peach/nude lips which is important so you look like yourself on the day.”

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“It always pays to hire a makeup artist! They use the best, highest quality products and know how to make you your most beautiful and how to make sure it lasts! Plus you can relax on the day and feel pampered. For anyone who doesn’t want a makeup artist, I would 100% recommend buying a good setting spray! I used Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ setting spray and my makeup was flawless the whole day and night.”

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“Have a trial run with your makeup artist. I did when I first picked my makeup artist and then had another one a couple months prior to the wedding, and used it for my bridal portrait session. It was nice to recap and make sure everyone was on the same page to be prepared for the big day.”

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“Make sure to get your bridesmaids to carry a spare bottle of foundation and lipgloss so that you can touch up after any tears!”

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