Premarital Skin Care Method You Should Learn First

Before large marriage, brides may have to take care of your own skin . So what methods do have premarital skin care? This is the most prospective brides matter of concern, here’s a look at how to skin care before marriage.
Premarital Skin Care Method You Should Learn First
1, 5 minutes before the bridal Revitalizing massage

Revitalizing massage

To make it easier on the makeup, docile, five minutes before the make-up time to do a Revitalizing massage. This combines gentle exfoliating effect of gentle massage cream can help remove facial sebum old cells while purifying the pores through deep massage, skin cells generate heat, promote blood circulation, so that the secretion of sebaceous lipids and horny dander completely removed, skin glow glory.

2, the bride wedding eve Waxing

Since Julia Roberts at the ceremony will forget armpit hair removal, intense, busy bride of course, may inadvertently.

Special note: before the wedding must not forget the hair removal procedure is best to use a hair removal method you used to, so do not hurt the skin or allergic. Ladies and gentle epilator depilatory creams are good, fast speed without pain, easy to use. After having shed remember to rub soothing effect of moisturizing body lotion.

3, the bride indispensable immediate care products

Instant care products

Wedding day, the skin if not satisfied, then you can instantly improve the skin cell function instant skin care products, such as instant pulling compact cream, concentrated Blemish pen, and can be used in parts of the Wrinkle Eye & Lip pen essential . Such products in the moment you put on it can help fill fine lines and dry lines, quickly cover the stain and dull, the skin becomes firm and shiny, easy and effective.

4, the bride needs to effectively cover body flaws

Cover body flaws

If the exposed parts of pox marks, scars or bruises injured, you can choose yellow concealer, pressed by way of a wide range of cover, and then select the color of honey powder bit deeper to press method, the color coating evenly. At the same time, body lotion containing pearls or pearl shining factor, not only make your wedding outside in bare skin smoother, and make the skin exudes a healthy glow, but also visually clever cover acne scars.

These are the Bridal skin care presentation, prospective brides hurry up, good skin care guide.

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