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Dog With Neck Injury Rescued

This poor dog Greg was about to be euthanized after sustaining an awful neck injury. The kind rescuers at Vet Ranch took the dog in and stitched up the wound. Weeks later Greg made a recovery and went to a no-kill shelter where he is up for adoption.  View Now

Marine Proposes While Girlfriend Is Wedding Dress Shopping

You've got to see this sweet and romantic surprise military proposal. This marine's girlfriend was trying on a wedding dress and her marine boyfriend walked in wearing his uniform and proposed. The couple knew they would be leaving the country soon and the girlfriend decided to shop for a dress with her mom before she had to leave. The marine knew this would be the best chance to surprise his girlfriend.  View Now


RTM Favorites

How Cats Can Literally and Figuratively Take Over Our Computers

Artist Kelsey Goldych imagines a very surreal, yet literal interpretation of how cats take over our computers with this playful short starring a mischievous cat. If you know anything about the internet, you know cats pretty much rule it all. Check out this super clever animated piece Goldych created for her senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia with original music by Zack Bogucki. View Now

Man Who's Color Blind Seeing A Sunset for the First Time Is Powerful

Aaron Williams-Mele was born color blind. His parents recently gave him a set of Enchroma glasses. When Aaron decided to try them out, he picked an ideal spot. He saw his very first sunset at Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia. The look on his face says it all. Let this video be a reminder to not take your sight (or nature) for granted. Take the time to go out and watch a sunset or two once in a while, because not everyone can.  View Now

'I'm Tired' Project Sends Powerful Message From People Who Are Fed Up

The "I'm Tired" Project is powerful. It's an ongoing collaborative project that started in June. Their Facebook page features people who have chosen to write what they're tired of, in terms of society and its expectation and realities, on their back... literally. Check out this powerful slideshow of some of the photographic submissions this project has received. View Now

Is This What Our Feelings Look Like?

Prepare to be mesmerized by this beautiful video by Thomas Blanchard. What do you think our feelings look like? What if they were a bunch of colors swimming around each other like you see in this video where the artist used paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon? It would make sense since our feelings tend to overlap and work around each other before somehow finding a way to work together and make something beautiful. Too deep? View Now


Philadelphia Police Department Makes High-Tech Anti-Drug PSA

The Philadelphia Police Department and Commissioner Charles Ramsey made a high-tech anti-drug PSA recently that is actually super brilliant. The message in the video is obvious, but the lack of sophistication — super-imposing Ramsey's head and voice over a 1991 "Saved By the Bell" clip — is brilliant. This is viral video 101, folks. Awesome work, PPD! View Now

You Had Better 'Sweat It To Get It' Before JJ Watt Steals Your Gatorade!

The days of putting a dollar in the Gatorade machine and quenching your thirst with that sweet tasting sports drink are over. As the famed Soup Nazi would say, "No soup Gatorade for you!" If you want it, you're going to have to earn it. And if you're not willing to work for it, then you have to answer to JJ Watt. Gatorade and NFL Films teamed up to bring the "Sweat It To Get It" campaign to college campuses in a hilarious way. View Now

Hot Girl Farting on People in Venice Beach on the Loose

Is it still gross if the person who just farted on you is a hot blond? That's the question of the day in this prank video by Twinzies. Lauren goes around Venice Beach asking for a helping hand and, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. She lets one rip just as the unsuspecting prankees are in the line of fire, if you catch our drift. Check out the hilarious reactions.  View Now


Reptiles, Reptiles Everywhere!

Want to grab some food at a nice restaurant? Boom, there's a giant snake grabbing some takeout. Feel like taking it easy in the backyard? Bam, lizards are duking it out on your tree. Wherever you go, you won't soon escape the Reptile Invasion! View Now

Shark Steals Kayak Fisherman's Catch

This shark attacked a kayak fisherman's catch. This all happened very close to the kayak and was caught on camera. The fisherman had almost reeled in his catch but the shark attacked it three times and eventually took it for its self. View Now

Dog With Neck Injury Rescued

This poor dog Greg was about to be euthanized after sustaining an awful neck injury. The kind rescuers at Vet Ranch took the dog in and stitched up the wound. Weeks later Greg made a recovery and went to a no-kill shelter where he is up for adoption.  View Now

Bargain-Hunting Elephant & Playful Dog-Sized Horse

A swap meet in the Netherlands got a big spender waltz into their open bazaar recently. A trained elephant wandered away from its trainer and walked between shops, looking around but never making a purchase. Then a newborn miniature horse in Oregon proved to be quite a bundle of energy, playing and jumping and doing all sorts of things three-day old ponies usually don't do. View Now

Coral Catshark, Fawn Rescue

These kind humans really saved the day for these animals. First these two scuba divers saved this coral catshark who had a fishing hook and line stuck in its mouth. These kind boaters saved this poor baby dear who was having a hard time swimming to the shore of this pond. View Now

Andre the Giant-Hearted Leads Lone Goose to Water

Andre Bachman came across a confused looking Canada Goose, standing by itself along the road. Andre could have just moved on, but he decided to give the goose a helping hand. He led the goose to water, with it flying along Andre's truck as he went. It's amazing the goose followed Andre, and it appears they parted ways as friends. View Now