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In general, I love the idea: I’m all in for travel, and have always found that road-tripping two states (or counties!) over is just as exciting as visiting a foreign country. In short, honeymoons: I’m all in. I think travel with your partner will only do wonderful things for your relationship, and also, a trip without your family after the (sometimes stressful-ass) wedding is just a really good thing.I‘m coming up on my tenth wedding anniversary in a few months… so suffice it to say, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve even paused to think about honeymoons.

But that was my trip.

Our path to honeymoon was a little nontraditional, since we traveled with a small group (of fellow university students) and went on the trip three months after we got married. But honeymoons are honeymoons and ours still fit the bill.My husband and I eloped, and one tremendous upside to this was that we saved a ton of money that we immediately turned around and invested in three weeks in India.

I will recommend India to anyone and everyone forever and ever.India had been a dream trip of mine since I was old enough to know the country existed, and my husband is game to go anywhere. Since we’d been together for only four months before we got married, we had known each other for seven months total when we flew across the world and landed in a nation with 122 major languages (and well over one thousand spoken ones) and twenty-nine states. We tried new food and rode trains and broke social norms (specifically, me being a woman drinking in public) without meaning to, and we learned a ton about one another. We visited Mysore, Bangalore, Delhi, and Agra. We grappled with culture shock, invasions of privacy (as a white person in America, I’d never had someone touch my skin before to see if it felt the same as theirs did), and homesickness.

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