How To Have A Hamptons Wedding (Without The Price Tag)

You can have a wedding with the sophisticated chic style of the Hamptons without putting yourself into debt. I’ve got five chic “over-the-top but understated” ideas that will bring the style of the Hamptons easily to your wedding.

#1: A beautiful floral arrangement is oftentimes the centerpiece of a great tablescape and hydrangeas are the unofficial flower of the Hamptons — they grow just about everywhere! Arrange several bunches of hydrangeas in a classic whitewashed vase with wisps of bear grass for a chic Hamptons-style centerpiece.

#2: A great way to add sophistication to the table is to monogram your plates. If you can afford to have personalized monogramed plates like the Hamptons elite, you can cleverly create your own monogram by printing it out on vellum paper. Add silver or gold leaf using Copy FX Paper (found at your local art store) with your home printer to transfer the design you made onto vellum paper. Lay these over your plates and make your guests are sure to be impressed with your very own monogrammed plates!

#3: Every detail counts, and sometimes it’s the smaller ones like gold-rimmed glasses that will make your wedding seem truly chic. After all, it’s such a subtle touch your guests might think you always drink this stylishly.

#4: Table mirrors in various sizes will bring a classy shimmer to your tabletop. They catch the light and reflection of glassware and florals, which makes it almost as though you have a chandelier on top of your table rather than above it.

#5: Placing beach treasures such as sea glass, shells, stones and driftwood that’s been collected from beaches in clear glass candle holders to your table is another great way to add a touch of the Hamptons-style to your wedding.


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