How to Have a Fabulous Caribbean Honeymoon Without Breaking The Bank

Caribbean honeymoon travel is necessary every couple’s marriage has spent a lot of, a lot of friends want to caribbean honeymoon save some money, then how to save money honeymoon it?

How to Have a Fabulous Caribbean Honeymoon Without Breaking The Bank

Getting engaged is a very exciting time for couples and the wedding that follows can be quite costly to say the least. It’s very easy for the “Yes” to turn into “Yikes” once the cost of everything begins to add up.

1. Off-season travel

Winter (November through March) is the most expensive season to travel to Caribbean destinations are extremely popular during this time and this causes low availability with high rates. Off season travel, during the summer time could save you a lot of money with discounted prices.

2. Consider All-inclusive

All-inclusive destinations are always a plus because couples get a greater experience for their money than they do with a la carte resorts. Bundle packages that include the room, meals, airfare and adventures are sometimes a part of the packages. Search for packages that have airfare included with the bundles because many resorts can acquire discounts that aren’t available to individual travelers.

3. Search For Packages

This is especially great in the low season with resorts. They typically offer a lot of deals during this time such as, seven night stay for the cost of a five night stay, spa services or dinners are included or resort credits to use at on site restaurants and bars. Inquire with the resort about honeymoon packages that sometimes offer extremely good rates.

4. Up-Front Payment

This can be a great option for couples who are utilizing a travel agent or booking directly through the resort. Presenting payment in part or in full prior to the honeymoon can sometimes offer savings as much as 25%. However, pay close attention to the stipulations because in many cases, if you can’t make the trip there is a chance that you’d lose the money that was prepaid. If this is a clause, it doesn’t hurt to purchase travel insurance that allows reimbursement in the event the trip is cancelled.

5. Don’t Fear Negotiation

Working one on one with a travel agent or the resort can reap great benefits. Let’s face it, your negotiation skills should be at an all-time high right now after dealing with wedding vendors. Take this experience and utilize it with honeymoon prices as well. Remain respectful, play your hand at being newly married and politely ask what they could possibly offer. Prepayment is a powerful tool to have when negotiating package prices for the honeymoon.

6. Consider A Cruise

A ship is the perfect honeymoon destination for an all-inclusive at sea. It has basically the same logic and with many sailing out of U.S ports, the airfare will most likely cost less as well. This presents an opportunity to celebrate your nuptials among many of your newest friends, but with the savings, it may not matter much about the crowd of strangers.

Catch up your sweet moment.

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