How to Deal With Premarital Facial Swelling

After a night of rest, the morning found the facial swelling. Why is this? Brides to attend the wedding Mei Mei, beauty, skin care to do a lot of work, can not be destroyed in edema Upper Austria, in the end why the puffy face, swelling how, take a look at
How to Deal With Premarital Facial Swelling
Drinking too much

Morning swollen face, probably because you are too much intake of water, resulting in edema. Just reduce water intake after six in the evening, and eat some diuretic substance. Such as red beans, or other legumes, the phenomenon of swelling there is a great improvement, brides remember?

Too much salt

Too much salt we often ignore the phenomenon. Eat salty attention of prospective brides, salt can make you face, it has been in the swollen state. This is because the excess salt will block your body of excess water discharged. Therefore, we recommend that you eat light foods that can naturally improve the situation of the swollen face.
How to Deal With Premarital Facial Swelling
lack of sleep

Brides if conditions stay up all night, or poor quality of sleep, will lead you appear swollen face of the case. You can adjust your schedule, thereby improving the quality of your sleep.

Too much pressure

We can not put out negative energy metabolism, will face emotional nature, or your body of toxins, causing you problems Zhangdou. When these bad condition on the face, can lead to your swollen face. Then we need to do first is to improve the personal feelings, reduce stress. You can find something they like, relax, and your girlfriends or dating, adjust the mood.
How to Deal With Premarital Facial Swelling
Edema know the reason, it is time to save the swollen face.

Cup of black coffee

Facial swelling after staying up late, drink a cup of black coffee eliminate facial puffiness. Because a large number of polyphenols, with a diuretic effect, helps the body discharge excess water, which quickly eliminate edema.

Ice towels attaining

For skin problems arising from swelling after staying up late, we are ready to clean frozen hot towels and the amount of toner, the toner drops into the hot towels, top, and then apply to face. This can relieve puffiness phenomenon.
How to Deal With Premarital Facial Swelling
Hot milk

With the right amount of water added to milk, with a cotton pad first deposited in the eyelid massage for 3-5 minutes, then heat towel, eyelids became an instant swelling.


This is the most convenient and simple way, you can deal with all types of edema, just pat the cheek every morning, or in the daily care products smear while pressing down the cheeks Moti La skin, you can make your swelling eased, skin more transparent, makeup is more docile.

For the above reasons the introduction of facial swelling, and how to save edema explanation is not very reasonable ah? More attention to diet and rest time, get rid of the swelling, the bride to be a face-lift

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