Going On Unique Honeymoon Is Easier

Traveling is one of the great joys of life, and planning a unique honeymoon to begin your married life can be one of the best and most fun parts of getting married in the first place.

1. Mysterious, Historic Cambodia

With exquisitely mysterious temples, gorgeous sandy beaches and an array of natural attractions, Cambodia is an excellent destination for a unique honeymoon. Cambodia has suffered from painful tragedies but has shown great resilience in bouncing back with a great tourism-based economy and outstanding accommodations and activities.

2. Uniquely Beautiful Iceland

While it lacks the beauty of tropical, sun-drenched beaches, Iceland is gorgeous in its own right (and cold weather is great for encouraging snuggling with your new hubby!). When taking a unique honeymoon in Iceland, you’ll find wonderful attractions and sights to keep you busy, including the spectacular show known as the Northern Lights. There are also naturally-occurring hot springs and other outstanding natural wonders.

3. The Mediterranean Gem Of Croatia

Croatia offers a unique honeymoon destination removed from the typical offerings of the Mediterranean. It’s an idyllic setting with outstanding island culture and gorgeous beaches, giving you a wonderful, not-at-all-touristy honeymoon without the high prices you typically see in other Mediterranean destinations.

4. Historically Regal Copenhagen

Denmark is a region absolutely drenched in history, and nowhere is that more true than in Copenhagen. Combined with outstanding pastoral beauty and a plethora of cultural attractions, Copenhagen is an excellent choice for a unique honeymoon destination.

5. Awesome Austin, Texas

While Texas may not seem like an opportunity for a really unique honeymoon, but the truth is that Austin offers an awesome option for your honeymoon. Austin is an up and coming foodie hot spot and is awash in live music and fantastic barbecue.

Updated: April 15, 2016 — 6:25 am

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