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How Much You Should Spend on a Wedding Gift as a Guest

wedding cake

It does really depends on a few things that how much you spend on a wedding gift as a guest. First and foremost, your own personal budget. Between travel, accommodations, attire, and multiple gifts throughout the planning of the wedding (think engagement, bridal shower, etc), the fact that you then have to purchase a pricey […]

Shares Some of The 2017 Coolest Wedding Photos

Lofoten, Norway

Destination weddings are becoming more and more common with savvy travelers knowing they can get lower rates by choosing dreamy, bucket-list places in the off season. The hardest part is nailing down where you want to tie the knot. And here share with you some of the 2017 coolest outdoor wedding photos ideas that you […]

The Best Times to Plan a Wedding Venue

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Well! So what’s the best times of year to plan your destination wedding? And today I will show you our top pick tips for you here. Hope to help you! January and February Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bali, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), Caribbean, Central and South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, New […]

10 Things That You Should Focus On When Looking Your Wedding Venue

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Okay, what to considerate when you choosing the wedding venue? And what questions to ask a wedding venue when visiting? Well! Here are 10 things that you should focus on when looking your wedding venue! 1. The Cancellation Policy. What is the cancellation policy?  Is the deposit non- refundable?  Will you receive any money back […]

Tip for Dressing for Your Different Wedding Destinations

beach wedding venue

Well! Here’s some tips for your wedding gown dressing guide to different wedding destinations. Cold-Weather Wedding What to consider: Even if you’ll be shuttling directly from a heated limo to your event location, you’re sure to get a chill if you don’t have the proper cover-up. Your dress itself can still be strapless or skin-baring, […]

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