Bridal Beauty Misunderstanding Before Wedding Day

Each prospective brides before the wedding will give yourself a column detailed schedule of skin care, reasonable response premarital beauty make the bride even more vivid colors and moving at the wedding. But many brides due to excessive tension of skin problems but will be self-defeating, but affect the cosmetic effect. We are offer premarital skin care to prevent errors, make you do a perfect bride wedding.
Bridal Beauty Misunderstanding Before Wedding Day
1, one day before marriage do not do skin care

Day before the wedding, absolutely do not do skin care, because the needle clear majority black eyebrows and skin care segment will make the face appear red marks. Day before the wedding the best home dressing mildest moisture mask. If you want to relax, you may wish to do a spa massage or bath can exhaust the body of excess water, make the skin firmer, and relax.

2, Do wedding eyebrows  before the wedding days

One pair of eyebrows neat to have a very strong impact on the makeup, the bride should be eyebrows, two days before the wedding in general, in a conventional manner and trim plucking eyebrows, skin redness will subside a few hours, if not tried beeswax eyebrow if they do not try, because most people will be sensitive.

3, do not apply mask every day

Want skin maintain the best condition, many prospective brides deposited mask every day. Before the wedding day apply nourishing mask, but the results of the fat particles, so a lot of skin is not a good way to moisturize and nourish the marriage of beauty supplement. The bride should avoid using irritating skin care products, daily morning and evening thoroughly cleaned regularly with a cleansing instrument or massage cream to remove aging skin cells, so skin becomes transparent and glossy, and select moisturizing and soothing effect of the mask, to strengthen skin moisturizing can.

4, do not exaggerate nail

When considering wedding day the bride nail, you must pay attention to the following points: whether the contrast with the wedding style? Wedding day whether you want to wear gloves? Wedding rings can be smoothly through the three-dimensional pattern on the nails? Thus, exaggerated nail may be counterproductive grandstanding. Basically, pale pink nail polish or a basic nail polish may be more wild. Note that these points premarital bride Beauty Myth, could do a perfect bride.

Premarital skin care is that most brides will do, but also pay attention to skin care, it can not into the errors, to correctly care work, brides will be pretty at the wedding.

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