Bling Bling 2016 The Most Popular Style Bridal Nail

Every bride always care about the nail details, whether it is shiny nail or nail color, has a different beauty. Nail short paragraph is not only attractive, but also the end of the wedding does not prevent live and work, nice and easy. Today to introduce the 2016 most popular bridal nail which are pretty, let’s enjoy together.

Nail a bride: Shining love
Bling Bling 2016 The Most Popular Style Bridal Nail
Many people like to nail when the stick a lot of stones. It was generally believed that stones are to be done in the long section of the nail would look nice, in fact, not oh! And nail short paragraph, especially for full inlay. If a long section of full insert nails, cost of raw materials is a side, on the other hand it will feel too full too thick, not good design. Short paragraph on the very feeling, just to be blingbling!

Bridal Nail II: Multicolored Chanel
Bling Bling 2016 The Most Popular Style Bridal Nail
Small fragrant wind is very classic, a lot of people like it. Chanel logo depends mainly on paste, this is the main highlight of the nail base part. The nail base armor by the sugar and sponge sanding two models, the first is the new sugar armor, you can choose the color, the second is, to a variety of different colors on the map on the nail, then rapid sanding sponge, heat lamp, can be made. So somewhat technical content.

Bridal Nail Three: classic blue gold
Bling Bling 2016 The Most Popular Style Bridal Nail
The Nail Art is very simple classic. Revlon dark blue, the color is very positive, rich color uniform. Simple good brush, bright color seal, the last gold in the French position carefully posted good, very simple and nice Nail Art is complete. There are enough gorgeous golden elements can be used in the wedding, blue and very low-key can usually use!

Bridal Nail Four: A velvet
Bling Bling 2016 The Most Popular Style Bridal Nail
A velvet popular for a few years, like a lot of girls like plush toy, plush velvet nail is very cute. A red velvet hand for white girls, but also very significant white hand. Although attractive, but there are drawbacks velvet armor, the first is not convenient, for example, is best not to wash the dishes, do the laundry, followed, save for a short time, a week or so in respect of re-changed. Good shape is a price Well, do you like velvet armor it?

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