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If the Maldives is a paradise on earth, the Seychelles is a world outside Wonderland, in addition to owning and Maldives as sandy beaches and luxury resort outside Seychelles fewer tourists, privacy high, also has a world-class natural beach, unspoiled rainforests and underwater world, all this will make the Seychelles in 2016 and even become the next 3–5 years the most popular high-end honeymoon resort island.

No.1 most pure luxury island – Seychelles
Seychelles for many people, was a strange name, if you come here, enthusiasm and charm of the island will make you hit it off. Pink granite, soft, silvery beaches, fragrant scent of gardenias, sea palm bring cool breezes …… Seychelles will charm you at first sight.
Seychelles has been known as one of the world’s 10 most viewed ecology country, where hundreds of peaks Pinnacle, still in the trees, the moist, rolling beaches, is fascinating piece of pure land, but also the training of human physical and mental fatigue heaven. Seychelles has dotted islands, like the mosaic emerald green carpet collections, year-round lush vegetation, fresh air, ocean waves, fine white sandy, full of human romance.
Seychelles is not only unique original natural landscape, it is also known for fishing places. Whether you prefer deep sea fishing net, or like offshore fishing can be fun. Seychelles has numerous beautiful beaches and bays, both during the day or night, visitors can travel around along the romantic route, to the various islands, to secluded bays and coves mysterious adventure cruise in the vast sailing on the sea, with a different perspective to appreciate the coast of the island. You can also boating, diving, watching the fish in the sea and the birds of the sky, or according to your own will do a simple navigation.
Seychelles has been cooking island rich cultural influences, Creole cooking, an array of seafood, coconut and curry are the most popular. This is the country’s main products are fish, can be used to cook the way you think. Especially the red snapper is the most popular, most visitors to the art. Collect coconuts on the beach, learn how to open them surprisingly troublesome shell (not the case, it is simple, is that a layer of fibers) and then you can enjoy the things inside it!

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No.2 South Pacific super paradise – Tahiti
Polynesia is the protagonist of the South Pacific, in which 130 islands, and it has been called “the closest place to heaven.” – Tahiti. She consists of a large, two islands creek. From the air, overlooking this island with a total area of ​​about 1,000 square kilometers, like Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale mermaid. Head, the fish known as the “big Tahiti”, fish called “Little Tahiti.”
The most famous of the two islands of Tahiti are jasmine Ya Island and Bora Bora, has a “dream island,” said Jasmine Ya Island, also known as the magic of the island, it is on a quiet lagoon garden. Her sweet, poetic environment and unique qualities make countless painters, artists and writers coming up, but also allow visitors to indulge them.
The Bora Bora is with “the world’s most beautiful island,” said the picturesque natural scenery plus private space no one can disturb, and Bora Bora and therefore is considered the most romantic place in the world.

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