Aloha! Fun Hawaiian Island More Than Six Honolulu

There are eight major islands of the Hawaiian Islands, is now open to visitors are Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii the six islands! Aloha! Hawaii six beautiful islands, swaying like an amazing woman with style, each exudes elegant and charming temperament intriguing. An island and the world, each of which is a period of time can not live in Hawaii! It’s very suitable for Honeymoon travel.

Aggregation of Oahu Island

In the minds of most visitors “Hawaii” Where are they? Yes, it is Oahu. Here visitors to Hawaii would be the first set foot on the island of Hawaii is a first impression. Oahu Honolulu is the capital of the island of Hawaii, is also home to the state capitol, it is Hawaii’s vibrant center. In Oahu, you can visit the palace to Iao Lani in Hawaii history, enjoy the unique Hawaiian hula performances, visit the Historical Museum at Pearl Harbor, Chinatown looking for the taste of home or pursue Sun Yat-sen footprint.

Aloha! Fun Hawaiian Island More Than Six Honolulu

Waikiki Beach

The south bank of the famous Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii used to be royal entertainment venue, now brought together many Oahu hotels and resorts. Waikiki Beach with its most famous, did not come to Waikiki beach, watching the sunset and not a self-timer, how the nerve to say that they came to Hawaii at the beach? ! And here the clear waters, moderate waves, the most suitable for beginners to learn to surf.

Aloha! Fun Hawaiian Island More Than Six Honolulu

As one of the most popular snorkeling in Hawaii, the Hanauma Bay coast is a popular tourist destination. Dive into the Pacific Ocean colorful underwater world, see for colorful tropical fish and colorful coral thicket cruising over or around the side, suddenly look back, perhaps stupid turtle quietly drifting away from you intended.

Hanauma Bay Coast

Sunny beaches and rare sight, but if you have the perseverance to climb the 175 steps of Diamond Hill, it can be rewarded and the south coast overlooking Waikiki Panorama Oahu. As a popular hiking destination, Diamond Hill, there are dark underground tunnels and abandoned military bunker, do remember to bring a flashlight! Diamond Hill Saturday morning tour, you can catch the weekly Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market! This is Oahu’s premier farmers market, you can ensure that once tasted delicious Hawaii.

Aloha! Fun Hawaiian Island More Than Six Honolulu

horse riding

Kauai in Hawaii’s northernmost island by rolling valleys, lush green mountains and cliffs surrounded by interleaving, and therefore known as the “Garden Isle.” Here is the “Jurassic Park” series of major viewfinder, half of the film shot in the viewfinder lovely island. Deeper into the jungle to explore the dinosaur footprints, experience runaway success surprise above the canyon walls, lovely island, you can relive the moment thrilling movie.

Aloha! Fun Hawaiian Island More Than Six Honolulu


Did you know that thousands and thousands of the world’s rivers, but rivers have enriched air can be limited. Embarked on Kauai The first thing to do is take a deep breath of oxygen-enriched air a Wailua River. Kauai is the only island in the Hawaiian Islands have navigable rivers, rent a kayak, river rafting, jungle green to see both sides, overlooking the scenery, you can also choose to take convertible cruise, tour fern Wei Luya caves and waterfalls, listen explain boat tour to learn more about Kauai’s lovely story.

Aloha! Fun Hawaiian Island More Than Six Honolulu

Waimea Canyon

Some play along the east to the west before the trip, to explore the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” said the Waimea Canyon. Waimea Canyon stretches 22 kilometers, a depth of 1097 meters, beautiful scenery magnificent canyon viewing station is located on the cliffs overlooking the down feeling “would be extremely Ling, list of small hills,” the magnificent, towering mountain peaks rugged cliffs and deep canyons panoramic view, not inferior to as the “wonders of the world,” the Grand Canyon.

Aloha! Fun Hawaiian Island More Than Six Honolulu

Pope Beach
And is located south of Pope Kauai beach is not long, but beautiful white sandy landscape, sun sunbathing, snorkeling or play learn how to surf, is also an essential item on the itinerary.

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