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Different wedding themes have different expression, it is difficult to clearly explain which part of the wedding is important for theme weddings. Wedding, all of us hope is romantic aesthetic, difficult to forget the memory of a lifetime, so how to plan a romantic wedding to give myself a perfect memory is very important. Meanwhile, we need to pay attention to care about many aspects of the wedding details.

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A small wedding can be more personal and practical. At an intimate wedding, the bride and groom can spend more time with each guests and the event has a more cozy feel. Guests can take the time to get to know each other on a more personal level and feel less intimidated by formalities. Below, we discuss the advantages of a small wedding with a more personal, intimate vibe.

1. Smaller Budget

When opting for a small wedding, it is definitely possible to keep to a smaller budget. You may agree that it is both more intimate and cost-effective to have a four-course meal for 50 of your closest friends and family, rather than cocktails and cake for a group of 250 people whom you might not even recognize. You can have more elegant place settings and that elaborate centrepiece you always wanted. The possibilities are limitless as you can now focus on quality rather than quantity.
2. Pamper Your Guests

With a smaller guest list for your intimate wedding, you have more freedom to treat your guests with style. You can plan that destination wedding or have that more secluded venue such as a private beach or secluded park. You can rent out that quaint little bed-and-breakfast for the weekend or treat your guests to a fabulous resort stay at a four star hotel. You can even provide transportation for your guests for the day, such as a limousine, trolley, or horse-drawn carriage.

3. Attention To Details

In planning a small wedding, you may decide not to hire a wedding planner. This however, puts all responsibility on you. Smaller does not always mean simpler. With a more intimate setting, your guests will notice every detail so it is crucial that you extra attention. While 150 guests might not notice a small oversight, a small crowd of 50 will pick up on even the tiniest mishap.

4. The Guest List

Here comes the tricky part: limiting the guest list to only the essentials. Do you really have to invite your mother’s Zumba instructor or your father in law’s barber? With a more intimate wedding, you want to have familiar faces, not a sea of guests with whom you are relatively unfamiliar. You want your wedding to be a joyous occasion shared with those you hold most near and dear to your heart. The guests should include those who want to be a part of your life, not just your wedding.
5. Have An After Party

If you are really feeling guilty over cutting your guest list, you can always plan a larger, separate celebration when you return from your honeymoon, or even on your first anniversary. You can even make it a housewarming party when you are ready to move into your new home. All of this of course, will incur extra expenses, so be prepared for additional costs as well as planning another big event.

Another option is to have a small wedding for those closest to your heart and then have a bigger wedding reception where you invite a larger crowd. Again, this will call for an increased budget and is entirely up to you.

6. Get Everyone Involved

With an intimate wedding, there is an increased chance for everyone to participate in some manner. Each guest can read a line of a poem, prayer or special reading. Your guests can circle around you as you recite your vows to make it a more memorable occasion. You can seat everyone at one long table at the reception to make it more cozy and inviting. The guests can each give a small toast or you can have them each make a personalized page in your guest book by passing out paper and art supplies. Do whatever you think will make it a more intimate event.

7. Have That Destination Wedding You Always Wanted

A with a bigger budget will allow you to fly off to the Bahamas or that chateau in France. You are now able to treat your guests to a long weekend filled with group festivities such as fishing, skiing, surfing, wine tasting, scuba diving, or a beach bonfire. This gives everyone a chance to relax, unwind, and get to know each other in an exotic location.

So why not try to make this one?

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