9 Gorgeous Picked-From-The-Garden Bouquets

Just like Mary Lennox discovered in “The Secret Garden,” weddings with a garden theme have an undeniable dreamy quality attached to them. The palettes are often filled with soft colors, and the airiness only enhances the feelings of romance. Especially appropriate in the spring, you can already tell garden themed soirees rank high on our list of favorite weddings to attend.

No wedding is complete without flowers, in our opinion, but this statement is especially true for this type of themed bash. Bouquets with that slightly wild, yet completely tamed just-picked-from-the-garden feel are all too appropriate. We’ve filled the gallery with nine of our favorite garden-themed bouquets from those with soft colored blooms to others with brighter pops of color, and you’ll be hard pressed to not fall in love with all of them.

Tell us, will you be incorporating your favorite flowers from your family’s garden into your bouquet?


Picked From The Garden


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