7 Wedding Planning Truths All Couples Should Know

The wonderful journey of wedding planning, where magical I’ve-found-the-one moments meet the less than ideal it’s-out-of-budget heartbreaks. There’s more to it than that, though, so make sure these seven wedding planning truths are on your newly engaged radar…

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Finding the perfect wedding dress

Lots of brides will have that special moment when they find ‘the one’, their perfect wedding dress. For many, though, that moment won’t come easily or quickly, and that’s okay. Don’t worry if you’ve visited six boutiques and still not found the right dress. It’s out there in some shape or form, and you will find it. It doesn’t matter whether you get teary eyed or not, if it makes you feel brilliant, you’ve found the perfect gown.

How soon is too soon

Your hubby might have only popped the question last week, but trust us here, it is never too soon to start wedding planning! Core elements like venues and photographers get booked up well in advance, often by months if not years, and dresses typically take several months to be made to measure after you place the order in your boutique.

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Don’t forget about the price tag

It’s tempting, we know, but if something is a long way out of budget, don’t buy it. Things often cost more than you’d expect for weddings, either because of the high quality materials used or the sheer numbers involved, like your invitations, for example. If you’ve got the flexibility to spend a little less here to spend a little more there and still come within budget, that’s great, but otherwise, seek out a similar alternative or embrace your crafty side and make it yourself!


Mixed opinions

All of a sudden people will have opinions that they’re just dying to share with you for just about every element of your wedding planning. Be inspired by some and disregard the others that don’t work for you. For some, though, the opinions of your other half might come as a surprise. It’s important that you are both open to each other’s wishes and that you compromise. You’re planning a day that celebrates you as a couple, and your wedding should reflect that.

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Make or break time

Not for you as a couple, but potentially for those tasked with helping you. Your chief bridesmaid in particular might find more on their plate than they bargained for, especially if they’re helping with the wedding planning, dress hunt, and organising a fantastic hen do. Check in regularly and don’t ask anyone to do more than they can happily cope with – you want wedding planning to be fun and filled with fond memories, not stressed out bridesmaids! Try these tips to keep your girls happy.


What traditions?

Gone are the days where couples were forced to adhere to strict traditions. White dresses are joined by blush, blue and champagne gowns; two best men are becoming a regular feature, and even four-legged members of the family are attending! Some couples challenge convention completely and opt to see each other before the ceremony for first look photographs. Do what feels right for both of you and you’ll be onto a winner, whatever traditions may say to the contrary.


Beware the bridezilla

You’ve likely never have planned such an extensive and expensive event in your lives. It’s little surprise that it’s easier to become a bride or groomzilla than you might think…

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