5 Reasons To Choose A Vintage Wedding Dress

The original dress worn in 1947, came the same year as Christian Dior’s New Look collection with fuller skirts with nipped in tiny waists, which had a massive impact on dress design even though material was still being rationed here in the UK. Even our Queen had to use coupons to buy her dress with hundreds of brides offering up their own coupons for her to use. However, one thing that wasn’t rationed was the traditional tiara that she wore, sparking off a new bridal trend for the country.


You can get this look without the price tag by choosing to wear a vintage wedding gown for your big day. There are many reasons why you should consider vintage, from an elegant Edwardian gown to a bohemian 1970s dress! Here’s 5 options…


vintage dress



You will be a true unique bride by choosing a vintage wedding dress. You will ooze style and creativity, wearing something that no one else will have seen before. If you are the type of bride that wants to stand out as a style queen, then vintage will be perfect for you as it is timeless and classic but also has a creative edge. Don’t forget the vintage accessories too –
a head crown made from up-cycled vintage brooches, a floor length 1930s veil or a wax flower garland from the 1920s will all finish the look creating that sense of cool.


You are being ethical by choosing a vintage dress. Not only is vintage a form of recycling, but it will have been made in the UK rather than overseas like so many modern dresses. But not just the manufacture but all the materials too. For example, Nottingham lace has been made since the 18th century with a reported 40,000 people creating it 100 years ago – but by 2010 there was only one factory left. So many vintage dresses are made using this lace so by wearing it now you are celebrating our manufacturing history, as well as reducing your carbon foot print. Plus, you will be supporting an independent UK business, who are often working from home and juggling small families.


vintage dress



A vintage wedding dress has a history bringing a sense of nostalgia to your day. Maybe the dress was worn by your grandma which will mean so much to you and the rest of your family when you walk down the aisle. By looking at their wedding photos you will understand more about the styling, hair and makeup but more importantly, you will see the love that came before you; without which you wouldn’t be born and be here today. Make your vintage dress your perfect something old.


Wedding dresses are made for all budgets but a vintage one will have a smaller price tag without the compromise on ethics. Expect to pay up to £300 for a 1970s dress, with an original early 20th century dress costing up to £800. Remember though, these are one off dresses that if bought new today would costs thousands. It is worth reminding you that these costs are from businesses who sell in their own shops or at vintage wedding fairs who will have painstakingly restored and cleaned the dresses to perfection and are experts in their fields. If you buy directly from source or from auction sites, you will get a cheaper price but are likely to need to mend them and clean them which can be a tricky undertaking on the older dresses so needs to be factored into your budget.


Your theme is complete by choosing a vintage wedding dress. For a boho, festival outdoor wedding, a 1970s maxi dress complete with ruffles and wide sleeves will finish the look perfectly. For a more glamorous affair, choose a 1930s silk bias cut dress to flatter your curves and make you look a million dollars (without the price tag!). For a cool city wedding, why not wear a 1960s mini dress with coloured shoes and a short veil. Whatever your style there will be an era for you, or maybe choose your dress first then the theme will follow.
Most of all, have fun with it; you can play with the style and mix in modern touches if you don’t want the complete look. Try not to have an exact vision of the style you want, but go and try on many shapes and eras to see which suit you best – you may be surprised. I promise you, your prince will love it too!

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