3 Wedding Style You Can Think About It

Marriage is one thing in life we ​​ultimately want, so everyone wants to hold one of their own personalized wedding, different countries, different ethnic, organized by people of different faiths are different styles of wedding.

Gone are the days of your only venue options being your parents’ tennis club, the town hall, or the banqueting suite at a local hotel. Increasingly, businesses, dwellings and farmlands up and down the country are being repurposed as wedding venues, creating an abundance of magnificent and alternative spaces for your big day.

Whilst it’s obviously very sad that the farming industry in the UK has seen some decline over the past few years, it’s an exciting prospect that many now move into the events space, with the letting of their majestic, imposing barn structures. Oh we love a good barn wedding!

The beauty of a barn, we think, is in it’s versatility. Where a grand ballroom may not suit a minimalist, modern wedding style, a barn can play host to the largest variety of weddings. Whether you’re into florals and bunting, or Star Wars and lego, the barn will look amazing regardless!

Without further ado, here are our favourite ways to style a barn… but remember, ANYTHING goes!

1. Natural Country Style

3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-1

Let the barn take centre stage by complimenting its stonework and frames with lots of green foliage, neutral coloured flowers and accessories. Think exposed natural wood, simple white candles, and simple, rustic centrepieces…

3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-2 3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-3

2. Farmyard Style

3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-4

Embrace the true nature of your barn, and have a farmyard style wedding. Don’t worry; there needn’t be mud and cow milking! Bright pastel colours, gingham and floral fabrics, wild flowers and old aluminium buckets and pails complete this look.

3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-5 3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-6

3. Glamorous Country Life

3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-7

Who says barns can’t be ballrooms? The high ceilings are perfect for elegant swagging and hanging candelabras. Use lots of crisp white flowers and linens to really add the wow factor, with subtle metallics to add the luxe factor.

3 Ways To Style A Barn Wedding-8

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