3 Quick Ways To Cut Your Wedding Costs

With the price of weddings going no where but up, many couples are increasingly looking to save money and reduce their overall spend, especially if they’re relying on family help or borrowing to pay for the big day.

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your dream dress, fabulous photographer or once-in-a-lifetime venue thanks to these fast and painless ways to cut your wedding costs now! If you’re just getting started, here are 3 quick ways to cut your wedding costs!

wedding ceremony


Trim your guest list down even a little and you’ll see significant savings, with the wedding breakfast alone typically costing around £50 per head. You don’t have to limit it to your nearest and dearest, but you can safely say goodbye to the names that don’t personally mean anything to you. It’s your day, so spend it with the people who will make it special and who make you, you. The reduced guest list is one of the key reasons that getting married abroad can save you thousands.

wedding food


Our real couples are chowing down on barbecues, roasting up feasts and diving into delicious buffets as they step back from the traditional, sit down, three-course wedding breakfast. All of these options will usually cut your wedding costs being more affordable alternatives, while still giving you a festival of flavours to savour and enjoy.

If you can’t bear to turn down some decadent fine dining, consider holding your ceremony later in the day. This way, your breakfast will come later in the evening and you won’t need to feed your guests again, halving the amount of food you’ll be forking out for.




Your guests, that is. Rather than wait until your wedding is pretty much planned and then throw together a department store registry of things you’ll never use (okay, maybe you’ll use them once, but still), get your gift ideas sorted swiftly to cut your wedding costs.

Your bridesmaids could gift you your wedding jewellery and shoes; your parents might gift you your dress; your guests could gift you honeymoon experiences.

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