18 Themed Groom’s Cakes That Totally Nail It

For couples that are all about injecting fun into their wedding day, doing a themed groom’s cake is a no-brainer.

Unlike the traditional white wedding confection, the groom’s cake usually has more personality and pizzazz and reflects the groom’s specific tastes and interests.

Below we’ve rounded up 18 totally awesome groom’s cake ideas to suit every kind of guy.

  • 1

    For the beer lover


  • 2

    For the wrestling maniac

    Pepper Nix Photography

  • 3

    For the “Star Wars” nerd

    Nashville Sweets

  • 4

    For the Deadhead

    The Sugar Suite

  • 5

    For the Johnnie Walker drinker

    Pepper Nix Photography

  • 6

    For the sailor

    Zofia & Co.

  • 7

    For the proud alum

    Vesic Photography

  • 8

    For the pizza connoisseur

    Pink Cake Box

  • 9

    For the car fanatic


  • 10

    For the sushi devotee

    Rachel Robertson Photography | Cake design by Rick Reichart of cakelava

  • 11

    For the “James Bond” aficionado

    The Brauns

  • 12

    For the wing eater

    Cory Ryan Photography

  • 13

    For the photographer

    Cory Ryan Photography

  • 14

    For the techie

    Phoebe Joy Photography

  • 15

    For the off-roader

    Theilen Photography

  • 16

    For “The Simpsons” buff

    Tracey Buyce Photography

  • 17

    For the “Batman” enthusiast

    Kelsey Schwager

  • 18

    For the nostalgic gamer

    Pink Cake Box

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