14 Love Notes That Show The Quirkier Side Of Romance

Oh, modern love.

Sure, maybe it doesn’t have all of the splendor and classic romance of our grandparents’ day and age. But being in love today seems like a heck of a lot more fun, if you ask us. Below is a compilation of 14 delightfully weird love notes from our readers and Redditors too.

  • A sincere apology:

    K. Mason

  • A ransom note from the heart:

    Myra Lawrence

  • An urgent Valentine’s Day message:

    Katie Phillips

  • A lunchbox note that tells it like it is:

    Chelsea Rush

  • A gentle plea to put the damn seat down, please:


  • A candid birthday greeting:

    Carrie Wible

  • And a bootylicious one too:

    Annabelle Quinn

  • A stress-relieving proposal:


  • A term of endearment surely:

    Victoria Wilkin

  • A “sh*tty” surprise:

    Cohen Studios

  • An easily accomplished to-do list:

    Susan Brown

  • A simple declaration of love:

    Courtney Ellis

  • A thoughtful warning:


  • A complimentary snack:

    Kristin Payne

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