10 Things That You Should Focus On When Looking Your Wedding Venue

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Okay, what to considerate when you choosing the wedding venue? And what questions to ask a wedding venue when visiting? Well! Here are 10 things that you should focus on when looking your wedding venue!

1. The Cancellation Policy.

What is the cancellation policy?  Is the deposit non- refundable?  Will you receive any money back if the wedding is called off or is there is an unexpected event like an earthquake or flood.


2. Wedding Vendor Policy

Can you bring your own vendors?  Do you have to use the venue’s preferred vendors? Are there any fee’s or penalties for using your own vendors?


3. Security Fee’s

Is there a security fee?  If so is this a standard cost included in booking the space or only applicable when serving alcohol or having a certain size guest list?  Does the cost increase as the guest list grows?


4. Alcohol and Bar Policy

Can you bring in your own alcohol?  Does the venue provide alcohol?  Is there a corkage fee? This is very important as the alcohol cost can certainly add up in your wedding budget.

5. The Hours you have access to the space. Including set up and take down.

When can you set up, what are the total event hours and how much time is allocated to break down? Is this realistic for the team you have in place to help you on wedding day. Do you need to consider bring in more help or staff?


6. Decoration Policy

Can you staple, pin or tack things up on the venue’s property. Do they allow you to decorate?  Are there certain decorations you have to go through them like arch draping or lighting?


7. Rehearsal Policy

Will you have access to the space for a one hour rehearsal? Many venues cannot guarantee this in advance so it is important to know in advance so you can come up with a reasonable back up plan in advance.


8. Catering Policy

Does the venue provide the food?  Can you use a caterer of choice? Is it okay if grandma wants to do all the cooking?  Does the catering or food provider need to be fully licensed and insured? Is there a kitchen or food prep area onsite?

And most importantly other than just the cost of the venue can you actually afford all the other wedding cost in addition to the venue expense

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