10 Must-Know Suits Wearing Rules for Every Grooms

Although you have to look super gorgeous on your big day, it’s not all about the bride, and the groom needs to look tip-top too. Well! Here are 10 must-know suits wearing rules for every grooms.

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Rules 1. Lapel width

The style over the last few years has been cut very narrow, becoming a high street look. At Marc Wallace we’ve introduced a classic width lapel on our ready to wear collection. With a tailored suit you can choose the width lapel you require. Narrow gives a stylish, fashionable look, mid gives a timeless look and wide lapels are seen as traditional.


Rules 2. Pocket squares

Having made a comeback over the years and moving away from plain block colours to patterns and textured fabrics, pocket squares add a dash of colour to your suit. Fold into a neat line for a classic style or scrunch up and create a fuller hanky look.

 Suits Wearing Rules

Rules 3. What works

When choosing your tailored or off the peg suit, it’s extremely important to look at your body proportion, this is what you should base your suit around.


Rules 4. How the shoulders should fit

The way we cut our suit shoulders is fitted to the body, for formal and wedding suits, a lot of customers like a wider shoulder for comfort.


Rules 5. What colours are cool

This season keep an eye on vintage colouring and styling. Textured fabrics in earth colours are a key look this season. You can’t go wrong with classics colours such as grey, navy and black. Always make sure the cloth colour suits your skin tone.


Rules 6. How wide your belt should be

Narrow belts look extra stylish. Why not do away with the belt loops all together on the trousers, keep it looking clean and simple!

 Suits Wearing Rules


Rules 7. Double or single vents

Single vents look best on most jackets, except when it comes to a double breasted jacket, always keep double vented.


Rules 8. Unbuttoning it before sitting down

Some clients like to have the jacket done up when walking into a room, and when seated they unbutton the jacket.


 Suits Wearing Rules


Rules 9. How much sleeve cuff should be exposed

There is no rule when how much cuff to show. If you want cuff to show, we like around 1 cm’s under the jacket cuff.


Rules 10. What length of sock is acceptable

With socks, some of our clients like to wear short socks in the summer and long in the winter. Lots of grooms are even giving up socks completely!

 Suits Wearing Rules


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